Servas Host

The hospitality offered by the “open doors” is the cornerstone of SERVAS.

SERVAS hosts offer hospitality to approved travelers of every race, creed and nationality.

A host should provide a bed for two nights (or longer, but only at the host’s invitation) and usually invite the traveler to share in the evening meal.

The host is not expected to provide transport for the traveler, although some may want to show the traveler places of interest.

If the traveler does not present the Letter of Introduction on arrival, the host should ask to see it to make sure it is up to date.

The host should keep a record of travelers’ names and addresses in a Visitor Book.

The host should explain the ‘rules of the house’ to the traveler.

A traveler should ask before using a host’s phone and should pay for all calls.

A host should set aside some time to talk with a traveler. If it is not convenient for a host to have a traveler, the host should feel free to say ‘no’. In such a case it may be possible to suggest the names of alternative hosts. Hosts should answer e-mail /letters from travelers asking to stay.

Hosts who are not able to provide overnight accommodation, may wish to join as Day Hosts. A Day Host will find a convenient time to meet the traveler, may provide information or a guided tour, or a work-place visit or a meal, or just find time for a chat.