Servas Travelers

A traveler must be 18 years of age or over.

All travelers must be interviewed to make sure they are responsible, open minded and likely to be a good member of SERVAS.

When approved, the traveler receives a letter of Introduction which is signed, stamped and dated and is the traveler’s ‘passport’ in Servas. It is valid for one year.

The Letter of Introduction is shown on arrival in a host’s home.

If possible, Host Lists are provided for the countries a traveler will be visiting.

A deposit is required for Host Lists, and this is refunded when the lists are returned together with a travel report.

If a Host List cannot be provided for a particular country, the traveler will be given the address and telephone number or a contact in that country from whom a list can be obtained. If writing for a list, a copy of the letter of introduction should be included.

Host Lists should be returned at the end of a trip so that they are available for other travelers.

At the end of a trip, the traveler should write a short report for the National Secretary, listing the hosts that have been stayed with, noting any changes of address or telephone number and giving advice that may be useful to other travelers.