Making Connections

One of the aims of the Making Connections project is to link interested Servas travellers with host families who can offer a variety of opportunities for an extended stay or more in-depth visit to their country.

Volunteering, work experience, language learning, sharing skills and knowledge and connecting with local peace organisations are examples of potential activities that could be arranged in this way.

Although some countries have offered specific opportunities, others invite travellers to make contact if they are interested in planning an extended stay in their country or want to pursue a particular interest.

Future editions will look at ways of linking Servas families including proposals for an international tree planning project. Also linking Servas members with a shared interest.

Some activities will involve a longer stay, from a few days to a month or more with one or more hosts. However by planning in advance other worthwhile experiences could be offered during a two night stay.

Suggestions include:

  • An observation visit for one day or more to a local social, environmental or human rights project known to the host.
  • A cultural programme for a few days or longer to give a traveller an appreciation of the history, diversity, language and heritage within the host’s community.
  • Consider offering a language learning experience with a focus.
  • Linking a traveller with a local peace or human rights organisation.
  • Skill sharing: a host sharing skills in their field of expertise or special interest.
  • Servas families with children and young people wanting to link with other host families.
  • Exchanging ideas between hosts and traveller who share an interest, skill or profession.
  • Host families offering a language experience in exchange for help with learning the traveller’s own language.
  • Observation visits or work experience to contribute to a young person’s training in a specific field.
  • Volunteering

If you are interested in finding out more about one of the opportunities make contact via our email address with the email subject “(your name) Interested in Making Connections”