About Servas

Servas is an international, non-governmental, multicultural peace association run by volunteers in over 130 countries. Founded in 1949 by Bob Luitweiler as a peace movement, Servas International is a non-profit organization working to build understanding, tolerance and world peace.

We operate through a network of Servas hosts around the world who are interested in opening their doors to travelers, and of Servas travelers who want to get to know the heart of the countries they visit.

Servas helpers are members who support the goals of the organization in other ways, through leadership and communication or perhaps as a representative at the United Nations. Servas International has consultative status as a non-governmental organization with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, with representation at many of the UN’s hubs of activity.

Servas’s goals & aims:

Servas is an international network of hosts and travellers established to help build world peace, goodwill and understanding by providing opportunities for deeper, more personal contacts among people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.


Servas Hosts invite Servas Travellers to share life in their home and their community, while sharing views on social and international issues, their interests in creative activity and mutual responsibility for their fellow human beings.


The Servas concept of “open doors” is an exchange — Hosts get to meet people from around the world — Travellers get to meet local people in the countries they visit. Both benefit from the chance to broaden their experience of the world they share.


In about 100 countries on six continents, there are over 14,000 hosts – including individuals and families, neighbourhood centres, ashrams and communities.


Servas hosts offer travellers a stay of two nights often with meals — long enough to get to know each other and share experiences, but not so long as to overstay the welcome. “Day Hosts” do not offer overnight accommodation, but may help with information, offer a guided tour, provide a meal or a chance to meet and chat.


Servas is a global network organised by volunteers and incorporated in Switzerland as an international non – profit association. It is a cultural, non – governmental, non – partisan, interracial and interfaith organisation. Servas has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. It also has links with many other international peace, human rights, environmental and world development groups. The work of Servas around the world is done by volunteers.